He came to the coffee shop’s terrace with the candour I thought only the retarded people could have. He announced his singing and began to sing totally out of tune and near to the most mortal of sins. However he redeemed himself and the concurrence when he went table to table receiving the coins of the client´s moral relief.

Later I saw him at a coffee shop of a different neighborhood, closing a Heidegger´s book after taking a quote in order to continue with his notes of his thesis about the benefits of stupidity.



He went to the emptiest corner of the park. It was not something he used to do, but the body was urging and he did not want to finish like Tycho Brahe, who died because his shame during a dinner with the king; he did not have the nerve to go to the toilette. His fame as astronomer would be always eclipsed because of his silly death.

While he unload the liquid with the privacy he could find –using the only male privilege that remains –he meditated about the very nature of pleasure and if it as only about getting rid of discomforts and anxieties. Maybe the entire root of pleasure was on life discomforts in general. Once finished the evacuation of liquid process, he discretely went back to the mediocrity of his normal thoughts.

She had a medical permission to be out of her job. With her sick vocal strings she could not give classes for some weeks. She did not need to be in bed, so went to the street of the old bookstores and in some coffee shop she sat with a book, eating sweets and some honey tea for her throat.

Then he saw her and believed her to be a silent muse who came out from his dreams. Women were not his strongest point and he took some time before talking her. She went back to her job but he was perseverant and he went to the street of the books every day until founding her and using all his power of will he talked to her. Now they are a very happy couple and they go often to the same street. They talk about a lot of subjects and with her words he forgot about the seduction of her silence.

Seeing him was already a sin, but it was impossible to ignore the copper like skin and the still stupid smile from that still teenager, shallow, strong and apollonian boy. It was known that this kind of boys do not develop intelligence until many years later. At the time they are busy being gorgeous, admired, strong and sensual.

With the eyes closed in a very special concentration, he thought in the name of god to avoid the temptation, and then he raised the Host, pronounced the sacred words and put it in delicately in the fleshy lips of the sensual boy…

There was something extremely sensual in that girl and it make her different to the others.  She radiated sensuality with the harmony of a minuet, the spontaneity of jazz, and the power of hard rock. The grace of her legs touching the soil makes one feel she was walking always on foot points in a dance performed by a perfect dancer, all in a context of innocence and unconsciousness making the entire picture even gracious.  One would like to follow her with fascination for a big while before acting, but there was no time.

So she put a handkerchief with ether on her mouth and the girl could not oppose resistance. Her blood was very necessary for that eternal youth formula and her outstanding sensuality would make it the best version… a real pity she could not kiss her mouth while she was conscious…


They came in noisily. The oldest one was talking about a foreign university and his wife was listening carefully, wearing a face of something important. Two younger couples were waiting them at a table. They all were dressed studiedly casual, with their hair correctly unkempt and they had planned even the volume of their words…

The waitress brought the menu and they all ordered one by one with solemnity. One could see it was an important occasion and could listen to an academic type of conversation. However, the scene was totally out of place in the corner’s Chinese restaurant. There they sale more to go and it is more like a fast food place, except because they take too long in the orders.


lesbia-xx-john-reinhard-weguelinHe was supposed to become a monk dedicated to Science at a monastery; just like Mendel and his peas. He was a prodigy at seven and was convinced to be just pure reason and believed his infantile body a hindrance, as the reincarnation of a Gnostic or an Albigensian.

And then he saw her for the first time. It was a black and white TV with the worst image possible, but it did not made Deborah Harris look bad when she was singing Heart of Glass. He stopped there looking at her and in that very moment he realized he was not pure reason, and the world was not the creation of a clumsy Demiurge.

Now he can be founded in cafes with friends and talking about literature or poetry. Thanks to Blondie the world has a monk less and a poet more.