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lesbia-xx-john-reinhard-weguelinHe was supposed to become a monk dedicated to Science at a monastery; just like Mendel and his peas. He was a prodigy at seven and was convinced to be just pure reason and believed his infantile body a hindrance, as the reincarnation of a Gnostic or an Albigensian.

And then he saw her for the first time. It was a black and white TV with the worst image possible, but it did not made Deborah Harris look bad when she was singing Heart of Glass. He stopped there looking at her and in that very moment he realized he was not pure reason, and the world was not the creation of a clumsy Demiurge.

Now he can be founded in cafes with friends and talking about literature or poetry. Thanks to Blondie the world has a monk less and a poet more.


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